DRX-500s Cloud for Vets



Initial Setup and Getting Started

Connecting the scale out of the box. Get started with installing the pan, connecting the scanner, Ethernet port, and power cord.

Logging in and Setup

How to log in to the scale by using a PIN, Password, or Barcode.


Performing a count of average piece weights in the database.

Adding new Average Piece Weights

How to count new medications not in the scale's database.

Pill Counting and using Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy

How to use the Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy feature to assure optimum pill counting accuracy especially when performing inventory counts with large quantities.

Counting Inventory and Batching

How to count inventory and use the batching feature for large inventory counts.

Dashboard and Transactions Report Overview

How to access your admin panel, general overview of your dashboard's main features, viewing and filtering pill counting transactions, inventory reports, and managing users.

Account Administrator Settings Overview

How to set and change account settings such as, anonymous login, transaction aborting, reports data customization, and deleting transaction reports.

Adding Administrators, Scale Operators, and Regions

How to add new Scale Operators, Regions, and Account Administrators.

Changing a Workstation Region or assigning a Region to a new Workstation

How to change a Workstation(scale) region or assign a region to a new workstation.

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